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A History of Richmond Hill, Ontario

Richmond Hill, Ontario Richmond Hill is a city located in the south-central York Region of Ontario and is part of the Great Toronto Area. It is surrounded by an affluent suburb and has one of the fastest growth rates in Canada’s history. Richmond Hill is a “city on a hill” and is elevated 233 meters above sea level providing eye catching views of nature. It is also known as “The Rose Capital of the World” due to the ever-increasing production of roses. In the Beginning Archaeological evidence suggests that the first people to arrive in the area, now known as Richmond Hills, was the Paleo-Indians sometime between 9,000 and 7,000 BCE.  More evidence was discovered as recently as 1988 when 27 artefacts were found that links the area to the Paleo-Indian culture, one of which points as far back as 1800 BC. Over the centuries the culture of the area metamorphosed from Paelo-Indian to Archaic to Iroquoian. The Paelo-Indian and Archaic people had been nomadic in nature until the arrival