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Small Claims Court in Ontario (2019)

About Small Claims Court in Ontario: Cases, Claims, & Damages: Small claims court is one of the branches of the Superior Court of Justice in Canada . It is empowered to handle disputes that are civil in nature of up to $25,000 Canadian dollars.  $25,000 may sound like a large amount, but with the high degree of litigation involving amounts and damages OVER $25,000, it is indeed a logical division point to define the difference between matters to be handled by the different courts. There are some special things to note about Small Claims Court and one of them is that this court is governed by simpler rules and procedures.    This is in an aim to have cases heard in an efficient manner and disposed of quickly and certainly. Types of Cases The kind of cases that go to Small claims includes any kind of action that requires the payment of money or the recovery of property (personal) where the amount does not exceed $25,000.  This amount excludes interest a