A History of Richmond Hill, Ontario

Richmond Hill, Ontario Richmond Hill is a city located in the south-central York Region of Ontario and is part of the Great Toronto Area. It is surrounded by an affluent suburb and has one of the fastest growth rates in Canada’s history. Richmond Hill is a “city on a hill” and is elevated 233 meters above sea level providing eye catching views of nature. It is also known as “The Rose Capital of the World” due to the ever-increasing production of roses.

In the Beginning Archaeological evidence suggests that the first people to arrive in the area, now known as Richmond Hills, was the Paleo-Indians sometime between 9,000 and 7,000 BCE.  More evidence was discovered as recently as 1988 when 27 artefacts were found that links the area to the Paleo-Indian culture, one of which points as far back as 1800 BC.
Over the centuries the culture of the area metamorphosed from Paelo-Indian to Archaic to Iroquoian. The Paelo-Indian and Archaic people had been nomadic in nature until the arrival of t…

Richmond Hill Potlight Installations

How Potlights & Smooth Ceilings Make Life Better As a member of a Greater Toronto Area family... I wouldn't think that potlights and a stucco free ceiling would improve my life.

I was wrong.

The transformation of having Unique Potlight install potlights in our home is amazing. It isn't that recessed lighting is attractive to look at. It is. The benefits are more surprising once they're installed in your GTA area home... Let's look at where this wonderful company provides their professional potlight installation service...
Unique Potlight installs potlights in the following regions across the GTA:TorontoRichmond HillNewmarketVaughanAuroraOakvilleMiltonMississaugaAnd all neighbouring regions.
Old School Lighting is Over In the past, recessed lighting was not the norm. Sure, every modern residential development project has plenty of sparkle with potlights... It has not always been this way.

When homes became a product of mass consumption (trust us, they are), lighting…

Small Claims Court in Ontario (2019)


Private Swimming Lessons for Adults (Toronto and Area 2018)

Swimming Lessons for Adults Swimming is considered an activity done by an individual or group of people that require the use of one's arms and legs to make a consistent move through the water. It should be noted that this sport takes place in both open waters and pools.  According to many, swimming is an activity that helps to burn down calories, supports the weight and contributes to the development of muscular strength and weights. This recreational activity also improves the cardiovascular fitness, cools off the body and serves as a body refresher activity especially during summer. 

Learning to Swim as an Adult in Toronto For adults, the act of learning how to swim can be easy and at the same time difficult. While an adult has the intellectual ability to grasp certain concepts compared to children, they are at the same time affected by low confidence and uncertainty.  The fears of adults appearance in swimsuits and how awkward they might look during the course of learning how to s…

Smoothest Ceilings: Stucco Removers

Smooth Ceiling - A Richmond Hill Treasure With a home-base in lovely Richmond Hill, Ontario, Smooth Ceiling is a local home improvement company that specifically focuses on removing stucco ceiling and popcorn ceiling from homes in the area.

Nick and his team having been trolling stucco for over 10 years and have developed quite the stunning technique to thwart and remove this popcorn-like textured ceiling substance. It takes a dedicated crew to devote their life's work to this craft, and that's precisely what Smooth Ceiling is, as a company: dedicated.
Overcoming Obstacles in the Biz One of the biggest problems to overcome in the stucco removal business is the mess. What. to. do! The Smooth Ceiling crew ultimately devised an excellent strategy of containment and cleanliness.

When they begin on a new project, they will take great care to isolate the working environment. In most cases, the homes in Richmond Hill, (or anywhere else in the GTA for that matter), the work is done i…

Driveway and Concrete Contractors

In Richmond Hill, Sealed Concrete Driveways Matter. Have you ever noticed the stamped concrete driveways in town? Or the smooth paved driveways that make you wonder what sort of concrete contractor was responsible for its design and perfection in Richmond Hill?
Prestige Concrete Inc. Decades of Experience Prestige Concrete Inc. is a professional concrete contractor based in Richmond Hill, that services the entirety of the Greater Toronto Area. Since the 1990's, Prestige Concrete Inc. has been sealing concrete, pouring fresh driveways, stamping concrete, and making the most out of your local home's solid car platform paradise.

What's Up with Driveways, Anyways? It's another one of those societal quirks that driveways have become such a 'thing'. I mean, if we really break down what we're doing, especially in our fancy suburbs like Richmond Hill, we are customizing the earth, stone, and rock, to form into an elaborate pattern.

This patterned concrete is then …