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Fireplace Installation In The GTA

Longing For Warmth Winters in Canada can be long and cold. I love myself a toasty warm fireplace in the living room, blanket and cozies on for 3 out of 4 seasons. So, when I purchased my house in the GTA area I made sure I had a nice open wall for a gas fireplace installation. Sure, it would have been ideal to find a place that already had one. But, not in my price range.  After moving into my house I found there were many updates and emergency " to-do's " to get done. My priority had slipped away from me. My first winter in my new house was such a bummer. No fireplace to decorate and read beside.  I was pretty miserable about the plumbing that had to be dealt with scooping up all my fireplace installation purchase money. Yeah, the brand new washrooms were fabulous. But I can't exactly spend my cold winter days curled up in front of them...   Choosing A Fireplace For Installation While I was moping all winter long I had time to really fantasize about my future fir