Private Swimming Lessons for Adults (Toronto and Area 2018)

Swimming Lessons for Adults

Swimming is considered an activity done by an individual or group of people that require the use of one's arms and legs to make a consistent move through the water. It should be noted that this sport takes place in both open waters and pools. 
According to many, swimming is an activity that helps to burn down calories, supports the weight and contributes to the development of muscular strength and weights. This recreational activity also improves the cardiovascular fitness, cools off the body and serves as a body refresher activity especially during summer. 

Learning to Swim as an Adult in Toronto

For adults, the act of learning how to swim can be easy and at the same time difficult. While an adult has the intellectual ability to grasp certain concepts compared to children, they are at the same time affected by low confidence and uncertainty. 
The fears of adults appearance in swimsuits and how awkward they might look during the course of learning how to swim may hinder them and prevent them from giving in their best shots. 
The key to breakthrough from this is learning the basic fundamental skills of swimming, growing and developing confidence and becoming comfortable inside water. Here are some of the swimming lessons all adults need to take into consideration.

1.   Getting the right bathing suits

One of the important lessons adults swimmers should keep in mind is getting a comfortable swim suit that could fit well on you and allow the smooth process of moving in and out of the water. You should avoid swimsuits that would fall off whenever you jump into the pool. 
As an adult, It is always advisable to move away from embellished bikinis and baggy swim trunks for the pool. Adults swimmers should always have it at the back of their minds to get a streamlined swim suit. 

2.   Put on a swim cap

Swim caps are always good for swimming because they protect the hair against chlorine from the water. Apart from this, they also contribute to making your body streamlined and reduce the tension of water. If you are blessed with long hairs, be sure to tie them up first before tucking it under the cap. 
However, it is a known fact that some swim caps are made of latex. If you are allergic to latex made materials, always read through the labels, you will be able to detect quickly if you had purchased a latex swim cap. You can then change it to a latex-free swim cap. 

3. Purchase good goggles that aren’t prone to leaking

it is widely accepted that there has never been any factor responsible for ruining a swim faster than when water touches the eyeballs. In preventing this, get a goggle that fits perfectly over your eyes and ensure that they are comfortable enough. 
Avoid getting goggles that cover your eyes and extends to your nose and mouth. You can try the goggles first from the store before purchasing it. Goggles with adjustable nose bridges are the best types to purchase because they ensure proper fits into your eye. 
With better goggles, you will be able to see your instructor clearly and they can contribute to making your overall swimming experience more enjoyable. 

4. Always be comfortable with putting your face under the water

When swimming as an adult, always ensure that your goggles fit perfectly on you. At the point of putting your face in the water, you may need to make some little adjustment to the goggles by tugging on the straps so that they do not leak and water is prevented from entering your eye. 
If you are not yet comfortable practicing this in the pool yet, you can try in using a bowl of warm water. The bowl should as twice as your face.

5. The practice of inhaling and exhaling

One of the most important lessons to be taken into consideration by adult swimmers is the practice of inhaling and exhaling. Take a deep breath through your mouth and then dip your face into the water. After this, exhale slowly through your mouth back into the water just enough to keep the pool water from penetrating into your mouth.  
 Some adults swimmers prefer to exhale through their nose and mouth while some swimmers also consider wearing a nose plug can help them exhale better under water. The most important aspect of this is a finding a suitable option for you as an adult. 

6. Get in Water, and move your hand sideways and up-and-down:

Another aspect of gaining confidence in water is resisting the pressure of the water by shifting your body around. Moving your hands' sideways will make your body turn despite the water pressure. Pushing downwards will make your body move upward and moving your arms backward will also tilt your body forwards. All are complementary to each other.

7. Play in the water until you have the feeling of being comfortable and relaxed:

Get accustomed to having your face in dipped in the water and the other parts of your body stressed out. Try to eradicate the use of flotation devices and do not be afraid to go underwater. You can even swim a little when inside water before coming up at all. 
The primary aspect of your stay inside water is to stretch out, kick, scull, breathe and then relax. Unexpectedly, you may swallow some water, do not be discouraged as it happens to almost every swimmers especially adults.

8. Remember to stay safe at all times:

The act of learning how to swim is not a competition. You can always take part in competitions when you have mastered all the skills and gained more experiences. 
Avoid forcing yourself to move into the deepest part of water if you are not yet comfortable with the current depth. Always take a break whenever you feel tired and get out of the deep end.
There you have it! Some of the lessons you need to know as an adult swimmer. Always remember that everyone started with the basics. So, do not feel discouraged by the level of experienced swimmers you may find around you. 
They will not in any way think less or make a jest of you. After all, they were all in the same position as yours before they became experts. Master the skills with dedication and you will become an expert one day.    


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