Smoothest Ceilings: Stucco Removers

Smooth Ceiling - A Richmond Hill Treasure

With a home-base in lovely Richmond Hill, Ontario, Smooth Ceiling is a local home improvement company that specifically focuses on removing stucco ceiling and popcorn ceiling from homes in the area.

Nick and his team having been trolling stucco for over 10 years and have developed quite the stunning technique to thwart and remove this popcorn-like textured ceiling substance. It takes a dedicated crew to devote their life's work to this craft, and that's precisely what Smooth Ceiling is, as a company: dedicated.

Overcoming Obstacles in the Biz

One of the biggest problems to overcome in the stucco removal business is the mess. What. to. do! The Smooth Ceiling crew ultimately devised an excellent strategy of containment and cleanliness.

When they begin on a new project, they will take great care to isolate the working environment. In most cases, the homes in Richmond Hill, (or anywhere else in the GTA for that matter), the work is done in one room at a time. Unless the areas with stucco ceiling happen to be adjoined - In such cases these rooms will be sealed completely.

Using poly wrap (a clear plastic that comes on a roll) the room will be sealed at every entrance and exit. As well, Smooth Ceiling will close and seal any ventilation vents or ducts that could potentially be a hazard of cross contamination. Since the popcorn removal process can be quite messy AND dusty, it's quite important to be sure the area is completely sealed.

The crew will funnel in their own fresh air via a portable filtration unit that will keep the dusty air flowing out, and the fresh air flowing in to assure the boys have adequate fresh air to keep working.

There's an entire page on the stucco removal process on Smooth Ceiling's website here.

Contact Information

Smooth Ceiling Ltd.
Richmond Hill, Ontario


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