Richmond Hill Potlight Installations

How Potlights & Smooth Ceilings Make Life Better

As a member of a Greater Toronto Area family... I wouldn't think that potlights and a stucco free ceiling would improve my life.

I was wrong.

The transformation of having Unique Potlight install potlights in our home is amazing. It isn't that recessed lighting is attractive to look at. It is. The benefits are more surprising once they're installed in your GTA area home... Let's look at where this wonderful company provides their professional potlight installation service...

Unique Potlight installs potlights in the following regions across the GTA:

  • Toronto
  • Richmond Hill
  • Newmarket
  • Vaughan
  • Aurora
  • Oakville
  • Milton
  • Mississauga
And all neighbouring regions.

Old School Lighting is Over

In the past, recessed lighting was not the norm. Sure, every modern residential development project has plenty of sparkle with potlights... It has not always been this way.

When homes became a product of mass consumption (trust us, they are), lighting was a matter of installing a ceiling receptacle. The electrician would leave an electrical connection in the middle of the ceiling.

This made it very simple to attach a drop down ceiling light, or fan/light combination.
It would also be useful to know that for a period in the 70's and 80's, electricians and home builders would forego a ceiling light altogether. Bedrooms and living rooms would not have a ceiling receptacle wired in to add a light.

This was a big problem in our house. Our Richmond Hill home, constructed in the early 70's did not have ceiling lights. Only in the kitchen and bathroom. It struck us as odd from the moment we moved in.

Who builds a home and doesn't include bedroom ceiling lights?

To be fair, they would wire one of the room's electrical outlets to the light switch. This meant you'd have to have a lamp plugged in. To me, it seems like poor planning. What do you think?

Install Potlights - Add Value and Light

The electrical contractors Unique Potlight came to my home and erased the failings of the past.
With his immense knowledge of electrical installations and recessed lighting, I was in.
Unique Potlight is excellent at explaining the benefits of recessed lighting and potlights.

In short, the benefits of potlight installation are:
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Increased lighting quality of your rooms
  • With LED potlights, increased energy efficiency
  • With installation, you can remove stucco as well
The increase in lighting and home values are symbiotic. Think back to when you are looking at real estate listings and you see pictures of the interiors. The living room and kitchen pictures stand out with potlights and recessed lighting.

Not Looking to Move. Yet.

The benefit of increasing your home's value may rub you wrong if you are NOT looking to sell your home.

That shouldn't stop you from doing everything you can to increase its value.

For instance, I am not looking to sell my home. Though, by installing potlights, and increasing the interior appeal of my house... I have made my own quality of life higher. I also gain capacity for increased home equity loans if I so chose.

This means that potlights and recessed lighting is a wise move for those who are moving, and those who are not. Potlights are a win-win.

No Mess. No Clean up. Only Recessed Lighting.

Unique Potlight offers a very distinct value proposition. They claim no mess, they are right. They claim no clean up for you, they are right.

Too often we hear about contractor type companies leaving behind a lot of garbage, debris, and excess building materials. Who wants that? Not me, not you.

Unique Potlight comes to your home and assesses the electrical and lighting situation. They will find their access points to install the potlights. They will do any electrical work as necessary to allow the installation to proceed.

Sometimes there is little electrical work to do. If the previous setup has enough capacity, it can turn from one electrical receptacle to more. There will also be instances where new electrical lines will have to be ran to the new potlight spots.

With this work, you would expect a significant amount drywall and wood debris... Also remnants of wire and copper come to mind.

Unique Potlight is careful to keep this debris safe and sound out of sight. Worry not, fair citizens of Richmond Hill, Newmarket and area... Unique Potlight keeps it clean.

While Installing Potlights - Let us Remove Stucco!

While Unique Potlight is poking around in your ceiling, installing potlights... An opportunity is available to remove your stucco ceiling.

Stucco ceiling is the textured paster/drywall compound that MANY MANY houses have. The unfortunate trend of the baby boomer builders left us with bumpy ceilings.

Stucco ceiling diminishes lighting quality. It is no wonder that Unique Potlight has an interest in removing stucco from your ceilings. To achieve the full affect of new potlights and recessed lighting, you must set the stage.

Removing stucco and popcorn ceiling is an atmospheric change to a room. It allows the light to spread farther. It allows a room to breathe.

Combine a smooth ceiling with new recessed lighting... Now you have a combination to impress.

Thankful for Potlights

That's what I've done in my home. New potlights and a new smooth ceiling. The best part is that my home feels fresh, open, clean, and well lit.

As we speak about lifestyle and home value, I'm feeling it. All these changes compound one another, and life is good. Life is great.

I have Unique Potlight to thank, and thank big time. For all the souls in Richmond Hill, Newmarket, and the GTA... It is well worth it to check out Unique Potlight.


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